In 2013 we worked on the development of MajorTom, a web based marketing toolbox. Why? Because many professionals in the field of marketing, communications and social are struggling with content creation, production, publication, optimizing, different versions of marketing calendars and updating databases and asset banks. MajorTom provides various solutions for these dilemma's.

Since the beginning of DaybreakContent it is our belief that the model of traditional ad agencies is changing. Our way of working is based on 'agile' principles from the software industry and the 'cyclical' working in the publication business.

This asks for a strong, organizational, executional backbone to control processes and creative deliverables.

There are different workflow tools in the market, as well as social publication modules. We however developed a complete dashboard for the clients we work for and will be working for. And for professionals, agencies who want to service there clients with our

We are in Beta for a while and open for parties to join, test and pilot with us! Are you interested? Then contact us via this website or check

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